You might think that you don’t need project management software — that’s what the project manager is for! However, project management software can make a big difference in your organization, for both the project managers and other team members as well. Project management software can help speed up timelines, reduce mistakes made, and increase overall productivity. Keep reading for our 6 reasons why you should invest in project management software. Centralized InformationYour project information is important and needs to be safe and secure. However, the project information also needs to be accessible by your entire team. Project management software allows your organization to have a centralized location to store files and information. A majority of project management softwares on the market are cloud-based so that this information can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone with the right permissions, at any time. Reduced Manual WorkaroundsAutomation in a project management software speeds up processes and reduces manual workarounds. The purpose of automation is to reduce low-value, time-consuming, repetitive, and administrative work from you and your team so that you can spend your time doing more valuable work on projects for your clients. Decreasing the need for the human element will smooth the project management process and cut down the need for tasks, reminders, approvals and more.  Improved Time ManagementIn any organization or job position, you are constantly juggling multiple projects and/or clients, and it can become overwhelming and difficult to keep track. Many project management softwares, like CROOW, offer a multitude of features to improve time management for managers, employees and clients. Time tracking tools, calendar views, and to-do lists give visibility to team members’ workloads while helping to prioritize tasks to complete everything in a timely manner. Time management features will help to speed up the project processes and improve the efficiency of workflows. Higher ROIDid you know that implementing a project management software can actually improve your ROI? Incorporating project management software into your organization’s workflow has shown to increase employee productivity. With fewer mistakes and improved productivity, projects can be completed more quickly and efficiently, leading to more profit in the same amount of time. This can help your organization find its sweet spot for the number of employees needed to complete work. Some companies find that a project management software helps their current employees produce more work, reducing the need to hire more people. On the other hand, other organizations find that onboarding and training new employees is simplified with project management software. In addition, many project management softwares are free to try or offer affordable plans for your organization. Enhanced CommunicationOne of the biggest keys to success in any organization is communication. Strong communication between team members leads to fewer mistakes and more success. Long email threads and instant messages can cause meaning to get lost; however, a project management software centralizes that message in one place in real time. Project management software features like approvals, comment features, and even client integration improves the overall communication about a project. 

Better Team Collaboration

Going hand in hand with communication, collaboration amongst teams is also vital to project success. Creative projects often have multiple people working towards the same end goal, and features within project management software can help. Cloud-based project management software allows multiple users to access the same project at the same time, with real time updates as they work. This is especially important for remote teams, as they are not physically able to work together.